Advantages and comparisons

If you want to hire a small boat or a house boat from a rental company


are also tempted by our offer of a traditional barge along with its crew ?

Here are some things you need to take into consideration :

>>>The space on board

This alone is a criterion of luxury , the luxury of having space around you to maintain a sense of privacy. The little rental boats imply, of necessity, a certain promiscuity.

The deck of the Haricot Noir measures 20m2 and invites you to relax on comfortable deck chairs with their soft cushions and adjustable seats. While the barge is moving parasols or a sunshade will protect you from the direct sun. This is with no extra cost to you.

ON THE DECK you will also find 6 adult cross country bicycles. They are equipped with mudguards, lights and a baggage rack and they offer you the possibility of doing your own exploring and shopping easily and safely. Ready for use and at no additional cost, we will simply ask for a reimburseable deposit when you first arrive on board.

THE DINING ROOM is luminous and well aired with its 7 side windows, its lattice work ceiling and its French windows giving onto the deck. It allows you to be inside and, at the same time, to profit from the scenery as it flows past you . A large, extendable dining table is ready and waiting for you at meal times.

THE SITTING ROOM : comfortable and cosy with its boating décor along with an area set aside where you can read in peace or play board games. A CD player is available as well as a 'boating library.

The KITCHEN . With the gît formula you'll have to prepare some of your own meals so you'll appreciate how functional this kitchen is with its full range of equipment. There is plenty of room to stock all your provisions and the large fridge and deep freeze give you the space for a week's worth of supplies.

>>>The size of the boat

Initially a commercial barge, its height above the water line gives you a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside whereas from the small rental boats you can see no further than the canal banks.

The length of the barge and the position of your living quarters ensure you are well away from the engine room ( sound proofed to diminish the noise) and you can appreciate the gentle chugging as you glide along the canal.


The Haricot Noir today is above all a passenger boat, registered as such, it subject to regular inspection by the authorities.

The boat is steered by a fully qualified and experienced crew. On board emergency exits fire extinguishers life jackets, pumps etc. are reaily accessible and are regularly inspected.

All the modifications to the barge have been made in accordance with the the regulations governing boats carrying 12 passengers.

The same cannot be said of all rental craft.


Those amongst you who have already lived on a boat know very well that problems caused by individual behaviour can easily create havoc – lost time or a dry fuel tank can be disastrous !

The Haricot Noir is completely autonomous for its energy requirements in electricity( there is no problem for recharging Ipads , mobile phones and so on) gas and water.

Vast water containers professionally managed provide drinking water and mean you are spared the endless queues that the small boats have to put up with to refill their smaller tanks- yet another plus for us !

>>>The crew and the steering of the barge

One of the many advantages of having a crew is that you aren't obliged to steer the barge at all and you are thereby free to pursue your chosen activities , either on board or in the vicinity , on foot or by bike. This doesn't mean that you can't take a turn at the helm of this 30m barge – an unforgettable experience and a genuine pleasure for some of our passengers who have already navigated on the canals.

During your absence the boat continues towards its destination or is simply wached over by the crew.