Question and answer session

What is the legal framework for your business ?

We are a French commercial company , registered under the name of The Haricot Noir and the ownership of GAUDRY PIERRE.

All rentals and/or sales of a voyage are subject to a contract.


Is there WIFI on board ? No, but the latest mobile phones already have an Internet connection.

Can we bring our dog ? Sadly that isn't possible.

And if I get seasick ? You don't on the barge, it is too heavy and stable. We have never had a case of seasickness – even on the Etang de Thau.

Can I bring my bike ? Ask first to make sure there's enough room.We already have 6 bicycles at your disposal, depending on the number of passengers we can accomodate more , but that will, of course take up deck space.

I'm thinking of coming this summer. Does it get hot on the barge ? Generally we try not to navigate during the hottest part of the day, but stay tied up, in the shade. There is air conditioning in the dining room and sitting room ( at extra cost). Make sure you bring light weight clothes, hats and sun block for sensitive skins ; it is pleasanter inside, but if you want to be out on deck , parasols or a sunshade will protect you.


I'm tempted by your offer and would like to come as soon as possible. How do I book ? To start with contact us ( by telephone 06 86 40 66 66 ) before you actually book to check that we're not full on the dates you have chosen. We will send you a contract to sign and you will be asked to return it with one, or several deposits.

What happens if I want to cancel my trip ? The conditions and cost for cancellation and/ or refunds are outlined in the contract. If you so wish we can send you the conditions of sale. We advise you to take out a travel insurance policy, if you haven't already got one we suggest –‘Europe assistance' which covers both booking and cancellation costs. Check your car insurance too ,it may well offer this guarantee too.

How will I pay you ? The contract will specify the amount of your deposit and when it is due. You will pay us by credit card or banker's order.

Are there any deposits to pay ? YES, there a deposit of 1000 to pay on your arrival for the barge.

What time should I arrive for boarding ? And what time will I disembark ?

You should arrive on the Sunday afternoon at 16 h .

You will disembark on the Saturday morning before 11h at the end of your holiday.

These times will be clearly marked on your contact (unless there is an agreement to modify them).


I would like to see as much of the canal as possible, for example from Toulouse to Sète. Is that possible ? In one week we can't travel the whole length of the Canal du Midi ( 241 ks 109 locks). Don't forget we travel at 3,5 k.p.h. , that's to say 20ks per day on average and the locks have a timetable to respect.

The Canal du Midi is a victim of its success, and as soon as the weather is good, there are a lot of boats and even some traffic jams at the locks. After 40 years of experience, and in tune with the life style of our passengers, we realise that long days of navigation don't correspond to their wishes.

So we adapt our itineries to an easy exploration of the canal, its artworks, and of the villages and nearby tourist sites. The Canal du Midi offers above all a chance to profit from a different scerneryand a gentle way of life which has nothing in common with a race to cover a maximum of kilometers.

How can I recuperate my car if I don't take a return trip ? One of the advantages of the waterways is that there is usually a train line not far away ; and that means you can use a taxi or a train to get from your car to the barge or viceversa. Depending on your itinerary, the nearest train station is rarely more than 30 mins away.

The barge is 'no smoking' below deck , but smoking is permitted in the openair when you are on deck.